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These page(s) cover my interest in the collection and restoration of vintage valve radios from the 1950's and show a few from my current collection.


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The classic BUSH DAC90A.

Originally released in February 1950, priced at 12 1s 6d.  AC/DC set covering LW and MW.


Bush VHF 72

Originally released in October 1958, priced at 22 4s 1d. AC/DC set covering LW/MW and VHF.

Bush VHF 94

Released 1957/8, price aroung 50 Gns..  SW/MW/LW and VHF.  Produced to compete with the excellent continental (German) sets coming on to the British market at that time.

Regentone A358 (Series 1)

Released around 1947, priced at 22 1s.  SW/MW/LW.  AC Mains.

Decca 66

Originally released in September 1955, priced at 30 18s 1d.  SW/MW/LW and VHF.

Philco 102

Originally released in August 1959, priced at 14 14s 2d.  MW/LW and VHF.


Originally released in July 1956, priced at 20 7s 10d.  VHF/FM only.

Stella ST112U 

Stella ST214U

and Philips B2G81U

Originally released (in various guises by Stella, Cossor and Philips) in August 1959, priced at 10 6s 8d. AC/DC set for MW and LW only.

Murphy U198H 

Originally released in April 1954, priced at 10 1s 5d.  AC/DC set for MW and LW only.

Champion 825

Originally released in August 1952, priced at 9 2s 6d.  AC/DC set for MW and LW only.

Philips 131U "Starlet"

Originally released in June 1953, priced at 11 18s 5d.  AC/DC set for MW and LW only.

"Premier" (like) home kit radio

Actually, a "home constructor" kit radio.

Written on the chassis inside is "Made by G. Hall, June 1950"

Jonathan Hill in his book "Radio! Radio! (Third Edition) says of these kits....

The basic cabinet moulding of the Pilot "Little Maestro" enjoyed a very long production life and was used by many other firms from the late 1940s to house various kit sets for the home constructor.  Beginning with the Premier receiver of 1948, the cabinet was supplied with over a dozen kit sets until at least the early 1960s including the "Occasional 4" by Precision Electronic Equipment Co. in 1951, the "Atomic" and the "Meteor III" by Norman H. Field in 1954 and the "Ocean Hopper" by Concord Electroncs in 1959.

This is one of these kits, but I don't yet know which kit. 

Oct 03 - Here's some pictures below of a genuine Premier in white that I have just managed to get hold of.



Philips B3G63A

Originally released in September 1956, priced at 23 10s.  AC set covering LW/MW and VHF.

Wartime Civilian Receiver

The Wartime Civilian Receivers, or Utility Sets as they were commonly known, were produced by over 40 British manufacturers (with only slight circuit divergence) to a standard Government specified design. The chassis was stamped with a code indicating the manufacturer to enable dealers and service engineers to obtain spares, but the sets were otherwise unbranded and the buying public were unaware of which manufacturer made a particular set. Valves were similarly coded.

Two versions were produced - an AC Mains model and a Battery model.  Today the mains version is naturally more popular with collectors.

Released in June 1944, priced at 12 3s 6d.  MW only.

What do you do if you want to listen to current FM broadcast stations on your old AM only radio?

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